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How We Build

The Lyles Process

Instead of leaving you to figure things out on your own, Lyles Signature Homes has designed a step-by-step process to keep you on track. As your hands-on advocate, we help you understand what to expect, plan for decisions big and small, and work within your budget.

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  1. Consultation Phase
  2. Deposits / Fees
  3. Selection of Plans
  4. Pre-construction
  5. Construction
  6. Post Construction

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Consultation Phase

Now is your chance to tell us about every aspect you dream of for your new home. We will discuss plan development, budget, contract, financing, interior designer, communication, change order process, site visits, post construction, feedback, and answer any and all questions you have.

Deposits & Fees

Our team will spend around 80-100 hours in the planning phase of your project. This happens prior to construction beginning, so we require a $7,500 non-refundable fee after our consultation meeting. At the completion of your project, the fee will be credited back to you. No other deposits are required and temporary utilities will be included in the contract and paid by Lyles.

Selection of Plans

With the variety of homes available and all the possibilities for a new build it can be overwhelming sorting through plans to choose only one. Don't worry, you won't be left on your own to make this big decision. 

Our Interior Designer and/or Co-owner will accompany you to the plan designer to ensure a good fit on the lot. You'll receive input on the:

  • Flow of the floor plan
  • Interior design details
  • Value engineer structure of the home
  • Cost effectiveness of the plan details
  • Overall cost of plans

The Lyles team will then meet with you to develop specifications for your new home. From this meeting we will put together a comprehensive document that includes items such as electrical and plumbing fixtures, flooring, interior hardware, all the way down to the height of each toilet. 


We do not execute cost-plus. Lump Sum (turn-key) contracts are the only contracts we execute to give you the assurance of the final cost of the project prior to any construction starting (as long as there are no changes to the specifications during the course of construction).

If we do need to request changes, a Change Order is created and submitted to you for approval of any increases or decreases to the cost of the final project. 


Lyles offers a program that allows you to "lock-in" your mortgage rate prior to starting construction instead of waiting 60 days prior to completion.

ARC Approval

Architectural Review Committees require approval and we create all necessary documentation to obtain it which is a requirement for building permits. 


We also secure all permits required from the local building department to make sure the process goes without any hold-ups.

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Pre - Construction - Post


During this phase, we want to ensure our team understands your wants clearly. Pre-construction is crucial to ensuring the construction and post-construction go smoothly. You can expect the following:

  • Meeting with you, project manager, interior designer, and company principles
  • Ensure everyone has all contact information
  • Review final plans, specifications, process, and other project parameters
  • Review process of selections and change orders
  • Discuss your safety while on the project site
  • Answer any questions that may arise


Your dream home is in the process of being built! By this point you've approved the plans and made all the selections we need. From here you can expect the following:

  • Weekly communication with the project manager
  • Timely selections with the interior designer
  • Change orders when necessary
  • Access to the Client Portal where all project information will be available
  • Walk through with electrician
  • Walk through with trim carpenter

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Post Construction

Now that your dream home is built, it's on to the really fun parts. You'll finally get to see the finishing touches put on and you can really picture yourself living here! Lyles will provide you with the following at this point:

  • Owner's manuals
  • Paint schedule
  • Countertop schedule
  • Flooring schedule
  • Electrical fixtures
  • Plumbing Fixtures
  • Vendor contact list
  • During this stage we will also register your HVAC warranty.

Smooth and Worry Free

The Lyles team has spent years working on the most efficient process for home building. You can rest assured we have everything covered. If you have any questions concerning our process or any steps listed above, reach out!

Ready to start building? Contact us to get started now.