Sherry Robins-12

S. Sylvester

New year, new beginning.


“I knew the moment I stepped into this home, it was mine. Even though it was maybe 60 percent finished! I told everyone, this is my home, this is my home. I had to go back to my home in Texas to sell my house. I called Wayne Lyles to tell him my situation of having to sell my home first. My husband had just died. Wayne was so great to keep in touch. He told me to let him know the moment my home sells, they would start the process for my new home. The selling of my home was stressful and complicated. Wayne put me in touch with such a great team. Janet Coomes with Mortgage Connection, told me they wanted to make this a stress free process. I can’t tell you how much I appreciated that. Then I was directed to Vickie Griffin with Allstate for my home and auto insurance. Again a great, easy experience.
I love my Lyles Signature Home from the quality, to the attention to details, to all of the wonderful architectural features.”
Thank you Gary and Wayne Lyles!!!