The Path is Easy

We’re a unique kind of home builder. Our staff is made up of thinkers, dreamers and engineers who truly care about what they do. We believe that every home should have its own personality and your home should be unique to your style. We enjoy building homes and we take our responsibility very seriously. We won’t rest to you’re completely happy with the home we build for you. And we’ll be there for you long after we hand you the keys.

The process is simple…

It usually starts with a piece of land
Either a lot we own or your own. Then we help you find out the most important elements to you that will make your home special…a large front porch, rear entry driveway, an outdoor living space for entertaining.

Then we help find the perfect home designer
To help your ideas come to life in a home plan. A little more room here, a closet there, move this window over…it’s all part of getting it exactly right for you.

Your dream home starts to come to life
With our extensive interview process. We go into every detail that helps us see your home the way you see it. From light fixtures and dimmers to countertops and glass tile, we put pencil to paper and make the plan come together. 

We give you the number
That your investment will involve. You’ll receive a turnkey price based on the specifications we’ve discussed. If we need to adjust those specs to fit your budget we’ll do so. As we build your home, we issue change orders where needed. Ultimately you’ll know what your investment will be through the entire process so that at closing, there are no surprises. 

Meet your interior designer
And let the fun begin. They will help you pick out colors, find the perfect fixtures, design your cabinetry for function and style, while helping to keep your home on time and in budget.

We break ground on your new home
And you’re involved every stop of the way. You will have regular walk throughs with your interior designer along the way as you continue create the home of your dreams. 

Once we hand over the keys
We also hand over an owner’s manual that has everything you need to know about your home. Paint colors, fixtures, appliance instructions, your heat and air provider, and your utilities companies, it’s all there.