Waterpointe (formerly Waterton)

If you've ever watched Jim Carrey in The Truman Show, you've seen Seaside FL and probably thought "I would like to live there someday." Or maybe you've visited the Walt Disney World developed Celebration FL and thought the same thing. Well, the closest place to gain a similar experience will be built in Flowood. These types of communities are referred to as a "traditional neighborhood development" or a "TND."  The are largely self sufficient with all levels of housing, shopping, dining and entertainment.

Home construction has begun in Watertpointe and we're very excited about this! We currently have 15 lots we will be building on including 4 townhomes. Our lots are near some of the best amenities available.

The neighborhood will be located just off of Lakeland Drive behind Dogwood Festival Market. The lake is already built and can be seen from the road.

The numerous amenities Waterpointe will have include boutiques, restaurants with two featuring waterfront dining, a pool, banks, several green spaces including a park with a water feature, and of course, a lake.

Homes will be styled like they could have been featured in a 1950s issue of Better Homes and Gardens, yet have the square footage, interior design and functionality of any modern day home. Imagine stepping back in time while walking down the street and entering your home to find a modern, well-equipped home built just for you.

We're reserving lots now!

If you're interested in building a home in Waterpointe, let us know. For a fee we can reserve your lot. We expect these homes to sell pretty quickly. The Waterpointe developer will be rolling out their marketing starting early next year.

Home Style Examples

Lagniappe - Waterpointe

New Development Coming Soon!

Acerage in Brandon, 39042, with lots of hardwoods! Stay tuned for more details!